Basic Golf Swing Mistakes

Mistakes New Golfers Make

The tour pros make the golf swing look really simple and easy. In truth, is anything but simple or easy. It's a complicated synchronized series of movements that require timing and precision in order to execute it correctly. This is the reason why there are golf swing mistakes in the first place.

Golf swing mistakes are common and many. However, there is one golf swing mistake that stands out among all the rest as the worst and most common error to make with the golf swing. It makes no difference whether they are beginner golfers or more experienced golfers, there are so many who make this mistake that it's almost unbelievable. One of the problems is the televised golf matches that are shown, where the prowess of the tour pros are displayed in all their glory and skill. They make it look so easy, that weekend golfers think all they have to do is to watch their favorite pro, pick up some golf swing tips from them, and they will have a perfect golf swing.

The swing fault itself is simple, it is hitting the golf ball too hard, they put so much effort into hitting the ball that numerous errors creep into their golf swing. This is caused, mainly, by lack of control, the harder they try and hit the ball, the less control there is in their swing. It also causes a loss of balance, it can be small, but it is enough to cause problems.

Golf is a game of skill and technique, not raw power, and a lot of golfers forget this. They put too much emphasis on increasing the distance they hit their drives instead of concentrating on control and accuracy.

When they forget the basic golf swing and try to hit the ball hard, they use their arms and hands to generate the extra power, this makes their swing unsynchronized, their body usually gets ahead of their hands and the result is a wild shot, a golf slice normally, one of the most common golf swing mistakes. That is why it is inexperienced or beginner golfers that are the most prone to making this mistake. Timing is crucial in golf, golf clubs are designed to to do the work for golfers, all they have to do is deliver the club head to the ball correctly. A good controlled and accurate strike produces far better shots and greater distance than an all out blast at the ball will ever achieve.

All golf swings, including the basic golf swing and the modern or classic golf swing, gets it's power from club head speed through the impact zone. The correct way of thinking of generating distance in a golf shot is to concentrate on club head speed, NOT power. It's not how hard you hit the golf ball, it's how fast you hit it. Furthermore, it's the turning motion of the body and the un-cocking of the wrists that generate the speed of the club head, not the arms and hands. The speed of the club head should be an accelerating speed, not a sudden burst of energy, the downswing should start relatively slowly and continue to accelerate all the way through the impact zone. It should be initiated with the turning of the shoulders, not a downswing of the hands. This is really important and rarely discussed.

Thighs, hips, abdominal and lower back muscles are the ones that contribute most to the unwinding of the body during the downswing, the triangle formed between both shoulders and the hands at the address position should be the same when the club head strikes the ball, if they try to hit too hard, this relationship between hands and shoulders is difficult to maintain, it also makes the body sway slightly as it turns and alters the swing plane from an inside-out swing plane to an outside-in swing plane, this also produces a golf slice.

The golf swing is a complicated set of coordinated movements that requires the proper timing to execute it correctly. There should be rhythm to the golf swing. There are way too many complications introduced when they try to pull off one of these monstrous shots, one of the golf swing mistakes that is easily cured, stay away from it, stay in control of your swing and the golf club and you will get results that keep improving. Be patient, calm, cool and collected and enjoy playing the game of golf.

Another common golf swing mistake stems from not getting the grip right. Your hands have to work together, one hand should not dominate the other. The best way of assuring this and minimizing one hand taking over is to make sure that they are parallel. Both palms should exactly face each other.